Frequently Asked Questions about Oral Sedation Dentistry

Common questions about oral sedation dentistry:

Q: Will I feel any pain?
A. No. You will feel nothing!  Routine local anesthetics are still used, but not until after you become quite sleepy and sedated.

Q: Will I be unconscious?
A. No. You will be responsive, but in a deeply relaxed state.

Q: Will I be monitored – Will someone make sure I am all right?
A. Yes, a Colchester Dental Group team member is always with you. They will make sure your vital signs are monitored throughout your entire appointment. You will never be alone.

Q: How long will I be in a relaxed state?
A. It depends on your dental treatment, but usually two to six hours.

Q: Can everyone have sedation dentistry?
A. No.  In our office, we only do sedation dentistry on adults.  In addition, some medical conditions may make sedation dentistry unadvisable, so a consultation and special medical history are undertaken to make sure it is right for you.

Q: What else can I do if I can’t or don’t want to do sedation dentistry?
A. We have many medicines available that we can prescribe for you to have a much calmer and anxiety-free dental visit.  These “premedications” are taken at home, usually an hour before your appointment, and can take the edge off your visit and eliminate any discomfort.

Q: Will I need someone to accompany (drive) me to your office?
A. Yes, because of the sedative effects of the medication, someone will need to bring you to our office and take you home after your appointment.  They don’t have to stay for the whole visit, but they should be available by cell phone in case we finish early.


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