Options to Pay for Your New Smile

See below for Zero % Financing

Colchester Dental Group is happy to offer many options to help you pay for the services we provide.

Cash, Check or Credit Card

Get a 5% courtesy discount for paying in full at the time of service.

For service requiring more than one appointment, the entire balance must be paid in full at the first visit.

Senior Discount

Patients 62 or older, 10% cash or check discount, 8% credit card.

To get the discount, entire balance must be paid in full at the time charges are entered on your account.

PAYMENT PLANS – Low or no interest rates

(6 OR 12 MONTHS)

Additional Payment Plans through Care Credit

          24 to 60 months @ 14.9% interest.
No down payment. No prepayment penalties.
Quick and easy application with approval in minutes.
Minimum monthly payments required.

All Care Credit Payment Plans Require Approval.

We will be glad to discuss personalized financial options
with you at any time.

Dental Benefits/Insurance

Option 1

Get a 5% courtesy discount by paying in full. This includes service that may be covered by your insurance policy. To help you maximize your benefits, we will gladly assist you in filling out and submitting your insurance claim forms. Once your insurance carrier has processed the claim, you should be reimbursed for the appropriate benefit directly from your insurance provider. Save the paperwork in case of later conflicts with your insurance carrier.

Option 2

Payment of estimated non insurance portion at time of service. If you choose to assign insurance benefits to our office, we will estimate the amount not covered by your carrier and that amount will be due at time of service. There is no courtesy discount for this payment option.

Please be aware that due to contract restrictions, your insurance carrier may not allow you to assign benefits to our office and you will therefore have to choose a different option. Also, this is only an estimate.

Gradual Payment Plans

For those patients with a limited budget.

By prioritizing your treatment, those patients on a tight budget can still complete their dental work by spreading appointments, treatment, and payments over an extended period.

All unpaid balances are subject to service charges.