NTI and Other Mouthguards

Mouthguards are often used in the treatment of TMJ and other alignment disorders. Upper bite plate mouthguards are the most common, but have the highest failure rate because they do not reposition the lower jaw to attain pain reduction. These appliances can allow the lower jaw to skate around causing an increase in bruxing, clenching, and grinding because it provides a skating ring for the lower jaw.

NTI mouthguards

These guards fit over a person’s two front teeth. Users wear the guard during sleep. The device prevents teeth-clenching — which, in turn, helps prevent migraine and tension headaches.. Their In a recent FDA study of migraine sufferers, the NTI reduced migraines by 77% in 82% of the patients. There were no side effects and no new pain. Nausea associated with the migraines was reduced 78%, light and sound sensitivity was reduced over 68%. It is our experience that the NTI is most effective in treating any headache condition that occurs regularly, particularly those headaches that are present upon waking.