Anxious Patients

Did you know that millions of people are anxious about going to the dentist? At the Colchester Dental Group, we have built our reputation by helping to put our patients at ease. We are committed to providing you with a comfortable and safe environment.

First and foremost, we will listen to you.

It makes many folks more comfortable to discuss and examine what may have caused their anxiety, so we encourage our new patients to share any past negative experiences with us during our initial examination. This helps us make sure we avoid similar problems.

We can provide you with your choice of music (or bring your own). Heated chairs and blankets are available if you want them when our AC is running high. TV’s in every room can help distract or entertain you or maybe looking at some soothing Caribbean beach scenes will help you relax.

If you are particularly tense or anxious, we can give you a prescription as premedication, to take before you come in for your dental appointment to reduce your anxiety. Nitrous oxide “laughing gas”) is another method we can use to help make your dental visit less stressful. We will also be glad to discuss oral sedation dentistry with you, where you can take a pill and snooze through your dental appointment, if you are interested.

You may want to choose a time for your dental visit when you are less likely to be rushed or under pressure. For some people that means Saturdays or earlier in the mornings; for some it is the evenings. What is your best time of day?

Whatever it takes, let’s work together to reduce the anxiety and make your dental visit routine, comfortable, pain-free, and perhaps even pleasant.