Maintaining Your Smile

There are several things to remember when caring for your new smile.

  1. Regular visits to your Dentist and Dental Hygienist are crucial for maintaining the health of the cosmetic restorations. If the gum tissue is healthy with regular periodontal (gum disease) screenings, the life of the restoration will increase and the beauty will be maintained as well. Getting your teeth cleaned on a regular basis helps to promote gum tissue health. Proper techniques for home care will be given by a licensed dental hygienist. Any concerns or questions that you may have can be addressed at this visit. If any problems occur, they will usually be very small if found early.

    *It Is vital that your cosmetic restorations be cared for by professionals trained in Cosmetic Dentistry. If proper polishes, instruments, and products are not used, it may cause damage to your investment in a new smile.

  2. Flossing is a key tool to massage the gum tissue and reduce food, debris and the formation of plaque between the teeth. This is a crucial part of ensuring a lifelong beautiful smile. It will also increase the life of the restoration.
  3. Brushing 2-3x daily helps to keep the gum tissue healthy. It also removes surface plaque and stain to help maintain a beautiful smile.
  4. NEVER use your teeth as a tool! Biting or chewing on things such as pens, ice or holding things between your teeth may cause damage to your cosmetic restorations.
  5. Toothpicks should be avoided unless they are used very gently and with caution, as gum tissue damage can sometimes occur.
  6. Choose a toothpaste that is non-abrasive. If problems with staining occur, brushing after drinking coffee, teas, or colas may be necessary. Quitting smoking is also encouraged to help eliminate staining and overall oral health.