Reviews from Happy Patients

James 7/23/2020 19:41
This was my first visit and had some apprehension because of some long-ago experience. But I have to say because of the staff and the Dentist I felt at ease within five minutes of walking into that office. My visit today had to do with some serious dental procedures and planning for that to happen. So far so good, I’m a happy camper

Kelli-Marie 7/9/2020 8:47
I was very comfortable with all of the precautions the Colchester Dental Group put in place to protect our mutual safety related to Covid-19. I was greeted at the door by Sue, my hygienist. She was wearing a surgical gown and a complete set of PPE covering her face. She took my temperature and asked a few questions before we entered her office. The team at CDG put a lot of attention to detail to maintain a safe environment that is welcoming and as always did a great job! Thank you! Kelli

Bianca 6/19/2020 20:08
I was in a lot of pain yesterday and for a few days. My tooth was cutting along the side of my tongue. Not having a dentist at this time, I was going crazy from the pain. I checked Colchester in hopes of finding a dentist and found this office. I didn’t call I decided to take a chance and drive over. They were very nice and very empathetic. I waited about 10 minutes and they took me out of my misery!! Within a few minutes they filed my tooth that was very sharp and no more pain. I’m so very grateful that they took me right away and were all so very nice. God Bless them. I recommend them 200%. Thank you!

Sheila 6/5/2020 16:00
As pleasant an experience you can have when going to the dentist! Even with the extra precautions necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire staff was very upbeat, friendly and positive.

Sherri-Ann 1/10/2020 11:20
Colchester Dental Group is very attentive to each individual’s needs. Prior to meeting Dr. Zase, the dentist was my enemy! This group is focused on comfort and lack of pain. I wouldn’t get my dental care anywhere else.

Kerrie 12/22/2019 14:07
I am terrified of dentist appointments. Since I was a young child I would lose sleep for weeks just knowing I had a Cleaning. Dr Babinski and staff have changed my life! They’re caring and so supportive. They have a deep understanding and compassion for anyone that is terrified to go to the dentist

Michele 11/1/2019 8:18
Love all the staff, super friendly and helpful, love my hygienist Sheryl. She is phenomenal. Dr Babinski is gentle, personable and never dull, time goes by quickly. Going to the dentist is pain free.

Elizabeth 9/12/2019 11:30
I didn’t go to the dentist for 20 years because I was so afraid. EVERYONE at Colchester Dental makes sure feel secure and safe, and they kindly acknowledge my fear and work with me for maximal comfort. Whenever my appointment is over, the receptionists are the nicest ever, and take the time to work through payment options and confusing insurance lingo with me. I will never go to another dentist.

Megan 9/6/2019 8:28
The team at Colchester Dental Group is like extended family to me. From the moment I’m greeted by the front desk reception, to the excellent care and thorough cleaning and coaching provided by the dental hygienists (shout-out to Sue, my favorite for life!), and my exam and dental repair work with Dr. Zase, Colchester Dental Group takes the very best care of my teeth. They always have! 🙂

Lynne 8/6/2019 10:01
Such a warm welcoming place! I always feel like my visit is very important to the professional staff and always get the best care with Dr. Zase. He is a highly trained knowledgeable dentist and perfectionist! He always resolves all my issues and his personality is amazing. Thank you for taking care of all my dental needs and calming my anxieties 🙂

Susan 6/30/2019 8:53
I have been a lifelong patient at Colchester Dental Group and could not imagine trusting anyone else with my overall oral health care. I have had cavities, caps and bridges and can always rely on Dr. Babinski to give me straight honest advice. And, Sue, my dental hygienist is tops! I always get a very thorough cleaning and great tips on maintaining healthy gums between cleanings. Highly recommend this practice.

Heidi 6/1/2019 8:49
Dr. Zase and his staff are fantastic! When my daughter was truly terrified to go to a dentist after some very bad experiences, Dr. Zase was Fabulous! Because of his staff and his true concern and understanding of the deep pain she was in; he made her trust and relax. It was a true blessing. My daughter was not a child for all of this. (She was 22) Dr. Zase was able to see and find in her mouth that she was NOT dramatic on her pain and what she was dealing with. Again, so so THANKFUL. As for myself, I knew I could call and be welcomed to the office. Dr. Zase and his staff have chosen to take on a very big project for my entire mouth. He explained everything, and did not hold back with honesty and explanation. Honestly after knowing him through my daughter’s experience, I wouldn’t trust anyone but him and his office staff. Thank you!!

Leonard 6/21/2018 10:25
The Colchester Dental Group is by far the best Dental care that I have ever received. I work overseas and my time home is limited. The practice there does everything they can to assist me in the limited time I have at home. It is so appreciative and acknowledge.

Crystal 11/3/2017 9:19
An accident as a kid left me with constant anxiety about a break in my front tooth. On one hand, I was lucky that when it happened, the piece was in good enough condition for Dr. Babinski to re-attach. But on the other hand, I was constantly worried that at any moment the cement would give, and the front tooth would fall off again. Over the course of 15 years, Dr. B provided me with excellent emergency care whenever the piece would break off- one time even meeting me on a holiday weekend. This year, after Dr. B re-attached the piece for the 5th time, he patiently explained that I now needed a more permanent solution. We made an appointment to have two crown veneers placed on my front teeth. I could not be happier with the way my smile looks now! All along the way, the staff was patient with my nervousness surrounding the procedure, answered all of my questions, and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the color and the look. I am so thrilled that this was such a great experience considering not having insurance, and this being such a large financial commitment for me. Thanks to Dr. B, Barbara, and everyone at Colchester Dental!

Diane 7/18/2017 8:52
I live in Maine and still return to Colchester Dental Group for all of my appointments even emergency appointments. Dr. Babinski has the patience of a saint and has built up my trust so that I can keep returning for dental care. I could not give a higher rating for this group.